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You’ve probably found this page on a search for some help essentially cloning yourself so you can be more efficient in running your life or business. You’ve probably also noticed, while getting $h!t done, you get distracted with your 472 amazing ideas you have for taking your business just that much farther into awesome in the social space ~ specifically Pinterest. You know it’s an absolute POWERHOUSE but don’t have time to use it to it’s full potential. You feel disorganized and unsure of where to start, and often you fall prey to the ‘search for results so you can DIY it’ time suck, taking away from other important business tasks.

I feel you. I’ve been there.  But how much time are you saving trying to do it yourself?!

That’s where I come in. Open the virtual door to efficiency in Pinterest Optimization and Management for your business and over all organization ease!  Whether you put me on retainer to be at your beckon call when it comes to social media trouble shooting, OR booking me for Pinterest services for your business, we are sure to be #dreamteam status!

Specializing in:

  • Pinterest Optimization
  • Pinterest Management
  • Social Community Cultivation and nurturing – ENGAGEMENT Services
  • Email Marketing & Email List Nurturing 
  • Blog proofreading, editing, & scheduling 
  • Trello Board curation 
  • and more!

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