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Girl, welcome to the page that will CHANGE THE GAME for you and your business.  Whether you’re looking for someone to coach you on Social Media so you can do the damn thing yourself, or looking for someone to set up and run your Pinterest account for you (read: get more EYEBALLS and WARM LEADS looking at your content fo’ free), you’ve come to the right place! I’m here to help guide you through maximizing your impact in the social space and make your life easier.

… unless it’s laundry, you’re on your own for that… 😉


Pinterest Management


If you’re needing help with Pinterest Set Up, Optimization, or monthly Management, this is for you.

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Social Media Management 


If you’re looking for guidance with helping you DIY your Social Media efforts, OR someone to just do it for you…this is for you.

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Have you been considering unleashing the BEAST that is Pinterest for your business, but aren’t sure it’s for you? Well, boo listen up:

Is your ideal client:

  • A woman
  • Age 25-54
  • In the US
  • Planning a life moment (baby, wedding, home renovation, new house, new decor, new job, new lifestyle, new healthy living… etc)
If you answered yes to any of those, Pinterest is your next BFF. Still need convincing? Here are my numbers from when I started truly using the powerhouse that is Pinterest. I put my strategies into place (after taking a hiatus) and took my account from 180k monthly views to this:

Pinterest is my number one referral source to my: 

  • Blog
  • Email list
  • Facebook group (where I nurture luke-warm leads)
  • Lead magnet
Do you have any of those or a product you sell? Let’s chat ~ it’s time you added my BFF, Pinterest into your social media and marketing strategies.

Pinterest has quickly bumped Instagram out of my #1 social media love spot.  BUT the two, working together are a powerhouse for building a loyal community. EVERYTHING you need to get started and create a THRIVING Pinterest Plan is included in my Pinterest Playbook… Download yours today:

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