cyclebar lake norman

CycleBar – Premium Indoor Cycling

United by the Beat. Fueled by the Ride. This is Cyclebar, Premium Indoor Cycling

Join us for an intoxicating, exhilarating 45 minute ride full of everything you love about indoor cycling. Limits? We’ll show you, you have NONE! Our Specialty? Making that 45 minutes go by exceptionally fast!

Let us toot our own horn a bit. Our technique is set up for success thanks to a State of the Art Cycle Theater. Equipped with amazing lighting, an impeccable sound system, and Top of the Line Schwinn Indoor Cycles.

Proprietary Stats Driven & Beat based ride, unlike ANY other you’ve ever experienced before.

CycleStar Instructors who are the BEST drill-sergeants, cheerleaders, DJs, and besties.

Best part, it’s all for YOU, no matter your ‘fitness’ level. Come check out what the community is like at CycleBar Lake Norman today!