Wildly You No BS Masterclass to Create Magnetic Content

Say goodbye to content that doesn’t convert.

psst… you’ll also be able to say goodbye to ‘never knowing what to post’ again!

Class is in session March 31st, 7pm EST

You'd rather do the laundry than Create Content for social media...

& it shows. Listen, I’m so glad you’re doing your laundry – mine next? – but we need to keep consistent on social media to stay relevant & top of mind.  Putting it off is not helping you – you’re just creating stress for future you.  & she’s already got enough on her plate…

You’ve worked TOO DAMN HARD on your offers for them to fall flat & not sell due to your lacking content.

Whether your content is falling short on ideas, storytelling, creativity, clarity, or consistency, this masterclass will help you construct the PERFECT message to attract your Potential New Clients (PNC’s) straight into your narrative.

But to do this, you need STRATEGY & NEW METHODS.

Included in the Masterclass...

In the ~2 hours we spend together as a group on Zoom, you will not only receive training on my Signature 3Vs of Content methodology, you’ll also walk away with actual created content!

3 V's of content

Learn all about how to maximize your content ideas into Viral, Value, & Virtue style content pieces as well as how to track the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of each V.

Showcase vs Sales Content Training

Selling is an important part of your social strategy especially if you want to see ROI from your social efforts.  We will discuss the perfect ratio of showcase verses sales content.

Content Creation Training & Application

As you learn the methods trained in the masterclass, you’ll be given time to apply what you’ve learned AND ability to ask questions, maximizing your time spent learning, applying, & doing.

Here’s a roundup of


If your content is falling flat & not converting,

There’s a disconnect between how you’re showing up in your content efforts.   

How would it feel if the following were to be true for you:

  • Having DREAM clients DM us ‘how can I work with you?”
  • Doubling income month over month since August 2020
Creating magnetic content was truly the game changer & shift we needed to accomplish all that 👆!

The Wildly You No BS Masterclass to Magnetic Content training is will not only give you the education you need to make these shifts, but the application + implementation of the of these shifts, too! THIS  is where the MONEY MAKER IS! 

Are you ready to unlock the power of being Wildly You?

So, during the Masterclass, you'll learn...

  • Time management & maximizing your content creation ‘investment’
  • What content actually converts
  • My signature 3 Vs of Content Strategy that has enabled my clients to show up confidently, authoritatively, & build a strong community of ready to buy leads.
  • How to create MORE content in LESS time.
  • What consistency SHOULD look like for you. (because pssssttt… it’s different for everyone!!!)
  • The golden ratio of ‘sales’ to ‘showcase’ posts that your audience will ACTUALLY respond to
  • & of course industry hacks to make your content pack an even more potent punch.


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