It is no coincidence that you're sitting here looking at my face right now, contemplating 1:1 coaching.

Something tells me that at present, a few things are troubling you within your business…

… you’re stuck, lacking ideas, feeling overwhelmed.

… at surface level, your content is lacking consistency, clarity, & conversion.

…& if I had to take another stab, you would probably also describe yourself as lacking confidence.

But here’s where the real issue lies:

You aren’t clear on YOU & therefore you haven’t felt aligned in your business in quite some time..

Here’s what I know to be true… 

To feel fulfilled (in life, business, etc) we must be able to connect with and understand ourselves SO THAT we can connect with and understand our dream clients, SO THAT our dream clients can connect with and understand us.

Did you follow me there? 

Since the first connecting we must do is to connect with ourselves, if I was a betting woman I would bet that you’ve lost yourself along the way, you’re wearing 3-5 high responsibility hats in your life and when it comes time for self-care for you, you probably say ‘oh maybe tomorrow…’ 

You need someone that can relate to you. That doesn’t subscribe to ‘burnout hustle tendencies’. That will ask you questions to help you get to know yourself & your deepest desires best.  Someone that will help you build a toolkit for success full of empowering choices & killer out of the box strategy that is WILDLY YOU…

Someone to hold space for YOU as you rediscover you.

Why 'Wildly Untamed'?

Backstory: a HUGE part of my personal branding is ‘Wildly You.’ I am a firm believer that the market can never be ‘too saturated’ because YOU, exactly as you are, was put on this earth for a reason with your own unique set of skills.

It’s not a religious belief.  It is fact.  

The moment that you can get fully in-tune with what makes you Wildly You, & go through the process to UNTAME the conditioning you’ve experienced over your life (& in most cases, due to the mass consumption of free content on the internet or social media platforms), you’ll fully find clarity, confidence, consistency, community, & conversion.  The “5 C’s”

Hannah B
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When I finally started leaning into what makes me ME & disregarding the 'rules' I felt less overwhelmed & you know what else?! I had more fun. My energy was higher. & people were commenting about it A LOT!
Hayleye E.
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In just a few weeks of working together, Sydney has helped me become super clear on my offers & with my content & showing up & getting my message!
Kelli S.
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I have so much clarity in my work right now. And it feels so damn good! I've worked with Sydney for about 6 months now & I'm HAPPY, living my DREAM life, & financially comfortable. Getting to do summer 'on purpose' has felt so great as well & Syd's guidance + support getting me here has been invaluable.
Overheard in Voxer:
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"Syd, watching your brain work [during content creation/review] is SO COOL!"

"So, how do I become untamed?" - you

  • …As your coach, I ask you a TON of questions.
  • …As your coach, I support you like you’ve never been supported before.
  • …As your coach (& Emotional Intelligence Practitioner + NLP Practitioner) I will provide you with the tools you need to move from fixed mindset to growth mindset.
  • …As your coach, I’ll challenge you & push you to think critically, creatively, & completely. (hmmm I like ‘c’ words apparently LOL)
  • …As your coach, I’ll guide you on processes to help you achieve the 5 C’s – without any cookie cutters or ‘Here’s what I did’ approaches.
  • …As your coach, you’ll have full access to my heretic & creative brain.
The process we will go through will cover each of the 5 C’s, customizing them to YOU, utilizing Emotional Intelligence AND Human Design so that as we break the rules we also have a guidebook to follow… allowing you to implement & we adjust along the way to make a strategy for your business, offer suite, social media, lead generation, visibility, & more WORK FOR YOU.

Because you work for you for a damn reason!

What's included in Wildly Untamed Coaching?

  • …Unlimited Zoom Calls*
  • …Voxer Support
  • …Content Review
  • …Wildly You Membership
  • …Anything resources created by me during your contract.

*unlimited = up to 4 hours per month

More about your coach, Sydney...

Hey friend! Thanks for meeting me here at the corner of ‘science & woo’. Part of what makes me a fun & successful coach is the unique take I have on how things ‘should’ be.  I use my Science background & my Woo Woo hobby learning & fuse them together for a hybrid program that allows for ultimate discovery & embodiment of what makes you Wildly You.  As I mentioned above, I am also a certified Practitioner of both Emotional Intelligence & Neurolinguistic Programming – offering massive breakthroughs & empowerment to my clients as they discover their goals.

More about my background: I have been a Social Media Marketer since 2016 & now own my own Agency.  The current & reigning ‘Content Queen’ as I’ve been called before LOL, but I never deny it… I’m pretty good at content.

I also have 7 years of fitness instructing in my back pocket too (Spin/Cyclebar & Pure Barre). You could say I know what to say & when to get you through the tough sh*t.

The Woo: Projector 5/1, Emotional Authority. Enneagram 6w7. Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Rising.,  All of this should tell you what you need to know… LOL. I love to learn, share my against the grain downloads of what I learn, & I’m firey.  Ask me about that coach you hired before that got you nowhere… just ask me. 🔥  NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER!

I digress.

Human Design has become a big part of how I conduct my coaching.  It provides a guidebook or proof of what makes you you.  FABULOUS when discovering that wild within you, yes?! Plus, Depending on YOUR design, there are certain modes of conversation, question asking, & work style that you’re best suited for.

I could go on & on about Human Design but I’ll save that for later…

I’m so excited to serve you, be your confidant, hold space for you, & help you become a wildly successful, wildly confident (+the other 4 C’s), WILDLY UNTAMED VERSION OF YOU.

So, when are we starting?

Apply here 👇 

Are you ready to become wildly untamed?

You deserve a business free of shoulds, rules, & expectations created by ANYONE but yourself.