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A content strategist + business coach for creative entrepreneurs

Hey there, I’m Sydney, but my friends call me Syd. I like a dry cappuccino with oat milk, I still obsess over Grey’s Anatomy – literally I watch it at least one time all the way through yearly, and have daily dance parties with my daughter.

I’m so glad you’re here, & I can’t wait to tell you more about my passion for helping you learn how to position yourself & your brand as wildly confident & Wildly You. 

A Wildly You Content Strategy is Magnetic

I believe that you should be able to post whatever you want on social media…. But perhaps most importantly I believe that you are absolutely deserving of your wildest dreams and you are totally capable of tackling them with just a bit of support. If you are anything like the amazing entrepreneurs I’ve served since 2016 I would bet that you are probably sitting on some pretty cool business ideas but struggling with how to get those ideas and products out in front of the right people.

You may be ready to take on new clients but you’re terrified that your work life balance harmony will disappear into a poof of smoke.

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The Timeline


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Started my own business

Inspired by MLM


Amelia was born


How it all began

The biggest successes I've seen in my life came from clarity + confidence, & so will yours.

I know this is cliche, but my life found purpose when my daughter arrived.

I don’t mean that in a ‘my true calling is being a mother’ type of way – being a mom is HARD AS SH*T. But what I mean by this is the moment she arrived, I knew my everything needed to work.

My business needed to work. My headspace needed to work. My body needed to work.  It had to, these pieces that before seemed to have been semi-negotiable were now on the list of FULL STOP non-negotiable items.

My daughter gave me clarity.

I walked away from a business that I was no longer aligned with, more on that later.

See, there was a piece of me somewhere deep down that was holding me back from going out on my own. Standing on my own two feet as myself, stepping into my authority.

That piece… was me.

THE MOMENT I decided to own my ish, heads started turning. The MOMENT I decided my success was inevitable & I know what I’m talking about, people started inquiring.  Now, pending your level of ‘woo’ you’re open to, some may say I started manifesting my success from this point on.

& I say, I stepped into my brand, my purpose, my confidence, & I embodied a business that was WILDLY ME.  & from there, everything else fell into alignment.

I have walked it. So I can teach it & help you implement it into your life.

I have a B.S. in BS, & it's made me a better coach, for you. Here's the facts:

Missed opportunities? Or alignment & the universe calling in for me what I couldn’t even see? You tell me…
  • I went to school to be a Physician. Well, that was the plan in undergrad, but I battled with ADHD in college & a learning disability. So, despite my efforts I didn’t accomplish my goal.
  • Through not attaining this goal, I learned a lot about myself, alignment, & passion.
  • Fast-forward to me, fitness instructor (indoor cycling). I LOVED this job, I loved being part of such a big journey in peoples’ lives.
  • Stepping into my Wildly Me life truly opened up doors for me, & I’ve been applying this to my life & helping my clients do the same ever since.

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my daughter, Amelia

I’m a firm believer that someone can be a powerful *insert title here* being self-taught and actually giving a d@mn. AND they are worthy of the big-ticket prices too, even without the "certification". 

I always knew I was called to serve people and help them towards their goals - even in pursuing my “wrong” career (I wanted to be a doctor and applied multiple times to med school, only to be rejected every time).  

Little did I know there were bigger plans for me to learn how I could help them. Being in fitness I learned the power of a ‘positive push’ - a motivational cue without being toxically positive goes so much farther than a negative.  Instead of saying ‘your gear isn’t high enough’ I would say ‘I know you can try one gear higher, even if it’s only for a few seconds!’ Being part of someone’s fitness journey is so much like being part of someone's business journey… without the sweat, usually lol. 

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